Card Quotes


Cards and i am mising the JOKER

Hey! Can you do me a favour, take a pic of urself and send it to me. I am Playing cards and i am mising the JOKER!!!


Make you fat

Here’s a birthday spanking, Sent you on a card, One, Two, Three, Put them right on hard, Four, Five, Six One to live on, one to grow on, One to make you fat.


Cellfones can be very irritating

Cellfones can be very irritating. Have to buy a card now and then. Have to recharge the battery. Msgs get delayed but there one thing I love about it… It connects me to you.

Good Morning

A smile is like a Sim card

A smile is like a Sim card & Life is like a cellphone Whenever You insert the Sim card of a smile, A beautiful day is Activated… Good morning & Keep smiling


No archies card to give

No archies card to give, No sweet flowers to send, No cute graphics to forward, just a CARING heart with lovely saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY