Happens when I miss you

In the morning, I missed breakfast;
While going to office, I missed the bus;
In the office, I missed the deadline;
While at home, I missed my favourite TV show;
This is what happens when I miss you!

Happens when I miss you
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Even if I searched the universe

Even if I searched the universe i wouldn't find a more loving and wonderful person as you. You make me happy & you never let me down. Wish you a great birthday my love.

Wake up guys

If Girl In Love Her Parents Ask: Who Is that Idiot? If Boy In Love His Parents Ask: Idiot, Who Is that Girl? wake up guys

When Nails Are Growing

'When Nails Are Growing We Cut Our Nails, Not Fingers. Similarly When EGO is Rising? We Should Cut EGO Not A RELATIONS'.. !!