A drunk man arrives

A drunk man arrives late at home. He knows his wife will not open the door, so he decides to pretend he bought her flowers and knocks at the door.
Wife: Who is it?
Drunk: I bring flowers for the pretty lady.
Wife opens the door and says: Where are the flowers?
Drunk: Where is the pretty lady? The guy is recovering from deep injuries!

A drunk man arrives
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Press down if you miss

Press down if you miss me. Down... My sweet.. You really miss me huh? Still pressing down Impressed, ha? Well I miss you too.

Beauty of life

Sometimes what you want is not what you get; But in the end, what you get is so much better than what you wanted. That's the beauty of life!

For a nice friend

For a nice friend 'nice morning'.. For a sweet friend 'sweet morning' For a loving friend 'lovely morning' For a Good friend 'good morning'